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How we work?

          Picking the right colors for your cosmetic needs online could be a major hassle. Most online retailers believe in a “Bought once offline, Buy them online” policy. Customers are always at the receiving end of this unfair transaction. When was the last time you bought (what seemed like) an Electric Green and received a completely out of place-Dashy Blue? Truth is, very little thought is given in the process to choose those photoshop shades and you always end up buying the shade which looks much different from what you needed. Is there a way out? You bet! naturebreed to the rescue!

          We believe that the products available in today’s market could fill every girl’s bag with the stuff they actually need. Still, buying them is a major issue. naturebreed recognizes the ground rules of buying makeup and presents you the largest online vanity store with thousands of products waiting to be explored by you. Unsure of what products suits you best? Try our user reviews and recommendations based on your skin types, colours. Not too mainstream? Pick our favorites from the least known but effective products. We promote the best products and let you know the best of them you have probably never heard of!

          There is a solution for all your skincare needs and we are the curators to find just the right one for you. So sit back and relax! Give us a click and we’ll get it delivered.